How To Stop Your Dog Digging Under Fence

What is the ideal way on how to stop a dog from digging?

Below are details and finest tips by dog trainers, vets and breeders on tips on How to Stop a Dog Digging Under Fence

Understand that it’s your dog’s natural instinct to dig but you’ll find different reasons why a dog digs. Your dog may be bored that is certainly why he seeks entertainment, he is attempting to hide a food, he is hunting for prey, he feels very hot, he wants to escape the location or maybe he just loves the smell on the soil.

If your dog is definitely overactive as well as gets bored effortlessly that is certainly the reason why searching gets the popular pastime. You can take your pet for a walk daily provide him or her plenty of mind stimulation therefore he tires out and forgot about your own backyard.

If your puppy will be digging close to your kennel area then your puppy may be wanting to get out. Check your fence for any gaps and close those gaps. You possibly can fill the gap under the fence with cement or you’ll be able to use chicken wire. One more way would be to bury rocks on places where your dogs usually dig. Then the dogs feet will hit the rock and some times this can work out, when they dig will certainly startle them and stop them from digging at that same place again.

Since you can’t really cease digging because it’s their organic instinct then it is possible to train your dog to dig on one spot only. Present him with a large sand box and bury his favorite toys and treats there. He will come digging there to locate his toys and food. There are a lot of people that use this method for dog digging, and some it works for and some that it don”t. How To Teach Your Dog To Stop Digging.