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Don Sullivan Dog Training

On Don Sullivan’s “Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog,” website, dogfather.tv, he has a photo of himself with his dog, or someone else’s, straddled across his shoulders. It is akin to a woman carrying her purse on her head. Yes, she can do it but it will certainly look awkward. If Mr. Sullivan wants to wear a “dog collar,” there are more appropriate ways of doing it.

Nonetheless, Don Sullivan has devised a system that helps dog owners train their pets to be perfectly obedient. The issue here is whether it works. There have been conflicting reviews, but overall most of those who have tried Mr. Sullivan’s training technique swear by it. The training method of “Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog” is for all breeds, even though there have been conflicting reports about pit bulls not being trained using his system.

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The website has an informative video that goes into detail about Mr. Sullivan’s dog training offer. For example, a dog runs into the street. By utilizing Mr. Sullivan’s method, within a matter of minutes you can have your dog sitting at your door. On the video, the door is opened again and the dog does not budge. Minus special effects, the quick turnaround is due to Mr. Sullivan’s training system.

True to the classic infomercial, the video states that if you order within the next twenty minutes you qualify for two payments of [$29.95] instead of three, thereby lessening the price. Along with the two DVDs, organizing bag, and start guide, dog owners also receive:

-A Dog Collar
The Command Collar is created to imitate the natural training of a dog’s mother. It comes in two sizes for small and larger dogs.

-Freedom Training Lines
The Freedom Lines, or ropes, are supposed to assist the dog’s training, and can be used for inside the home, leash-free training, and periphery training.

Don Sullivan’s philosophy is pretty straightforward. For example, he prefers that dogs receive zero treats for good behavior. In his view the use of treats, or bribery as he calls it, stunts a dog’s training potential. However, some experts beg to differ. Ask anyone at a Crufts Dog Show how they get their sweet pooches to jump, turn, and twirl so beautifully. Strict training along with a few treats here and there goes a long way.

Other dog owners, and those without dogs, feel opposed to the suggestion that after using Mr. Sullivan’s training methods, dogs can be left off their leashes in public and will obey you without hesitation when called. This very well might be the case, but like small children, temptation can get the best of any living creature and there goes the discipline.

In order for a dog to be “perfect” it means that their owners must be perfect as well. Through history we have come to realize that perfection is a myth, and leads to expectations that cannot be fulfilled. In spite of this, Mr. Sullivan’s training technique deserves the benefit of a doubt. Out of five points perhaps a total of three would be the “perfect” assessment.

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